vibrational sound therapy

for relaxation, stress and anxiety relief, and pain relief.

What exactly is vibrational sound therapy?

Resounding VST's image

Vibrational sound therapy is a way to activate your body's parasympathetic nervous system to allow it to come back into balance using measured vibrations.

What types of sessions are there?

I offer 4 types of 50 minute sessions:

1) prone - client lays on stomach
2) Supine - client lays on back
3) Prone-to-supine flip - client begins laying on their stomach
then flips to lay on their back
4) Supine-to prone flip - client begins laying on their back
then flips to lay on their stomach

What does a session with me look like?

this is a fully clothed, no touch practice.

First things first: my scope of practice is exclusively Using directional vibrations through Himalayan singing bowls and soft felt mallets, on or off the body. At no point will I need to make physical contact with a client, and all clients are required to remain fully clothed.

During sessions, I will place the bowls on or near the client (depending on client preference), then use a soft felt mallet to precisely strike the rim of the bowl, releasing a soothing vibration throughout the client's body, as shown in the above image.

Session Setting

During a session, clients will lie down on a massage table, with their choice of a sheet laying over them. I will provide cushions for any comfort adjustments needed. depending on which session type they selected, they will either lay on their stomach or back, or begin in one position and flip halfway through.

your session can take place in my space or yours, whichever works best for you! If you select to have your session in my space, please hold respect, as i will hold for yours.

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